webbuildingA Burlington Landmark on the corner of Maple and South Champlain Street, in Burlington, Vermont.

Once upon a time, Earl and Flora Handy decided to open a diner, called Handy’s Lunch. As you can imagine, back in 1945 when we opened, the diner was not quite the Handy’s you have come to know and love today. As well as serving breakfast and lunch, my grandparents also sold groceries and lived next door.

In 1958, while my grandparents were on vacation, my father, Robert E. Handy decided he would remove the grocery store section and put in a horseshoe counter, which is still there today. My grandparents were obviously not pleased.

In 1996, my beloved father passed away and the third generation (me) began its own legacy. Although I have made many changes, one thing remains the same…no, not just the great food and low prices…we continue to be a safe haven for all Yankee fans!

While Handy’s Lunch has always been a local favorite, in 2017, we were featured nationally on the Cooking Channel “Cheap Eats”. The spotlight of our segment was our own creation known as the “Macho Man”, part reuben, part patty melt and 100% amazing.

Casey Webb, host of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel had to make a visit to Handy’s Lunch to try and take down our “Chuck Norris”. This monstrous sandwich features 5 pieces of french toast with Vermont maple syrup, 4 eggs with American cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, a burger AND corn beef. This 1lb sandwich is not for the faint of heart. Did Casey beat the Chuck Norris? Tune in the Travel channel or stop in to wage your own war against the Chuck Norris!

The fourth generation of Handy’s, my twins, Genevieve and Nicholas are off to a good start in the business. They both love eggs and my cooking! As you can see, Handy’s is truly a family restaurant and we look forward to serving you for another 75 years!

Bon Appetit,
Earl A. Handy

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  1. In 1975, I was a UVM student and rented the apartment next to the diner which appears now to be incorporated into the diner. It was a great semester for us and I remember Mr. Handy fondly!!
    Linda Tolman Salafia, ’75

  2. Enjoyed breakfast this morning at yours and your sisters place. It was good to see you interact with old time customers as well as their grown up children.

    We are headed back to Virginia in the morning. I’m glad you could hang up my half of a five dollar bill that Annabel our 7 month old Bernese Mountain Dog ate and add it to your collection 🙂

    Patty Smyth

    • Please come here and support Handy’s!! It’s truly a cute memorable experience if you are from out of town and visiting Burlington. Staff really care about their customers and served us with smiles. We loved our breakfast and left so satisfied. Such a great way to start the day!! Thank you, Handys Lunch 🙂

  3. Breakfast was so good yesterday we came back today. The pancake was delicious! My husband loved the country fried steak! Great place for breakfast!!

  4. Can’t wait to go! I’ve been going to Burlington for years…can’t believe i
    Never heard of Handy’s!

  5. I was happy to read the Handy story in 7Days this morning ;and I want to wish you a Happy 75th! Hope to see you in 2021.
    Joyce (Laura Toohey’s mom in TN)

  6. We had breakfast at Handy’s today. Awesome place, great food and tradition. Loved the corned beef hash and eggs. Come for the food… come again for the local tradition!

    Can’t wait to return for lunch…

  7. Earl, you are the best! Yours is my family’s fave chili for hot dogs OR burgers. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Handy’s is a must stop for us each time we visit Burlington.

  8. Not only am I SO HAPPY to support this family owned business that has been a part of our community for so many years, they literally have THE BEST RUBEN I’ve had in town!!! 👍🏽🥰❣️

  9. My friend (from NH) and I (from Montreal) just happened upon Handy’s today, with no idea of the good people, rich history, and great food we were walking into. What a warm and welcoming place. (I want to give an additional nod to the gentlemanly Rice students who shared our lunch hour.) Thanks for a genuinely delightful experience.

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