History of Handy’s

dadearlsignOnce upon a time, Earl and Flora Handy decided to open a diner, called Handy’s Lunch. As you can imagine, back in 1945 when we opened, the diner was not quite the Handy’s you have to come to know and love today. As well as serving breakfast and lunch, my grandparents also sold groceries and lived next door.
In 1958, while my grandparents were on vacation, my father, Robert E. Handy decided he would remove the grocery store section and put in a horseshoe counter, which is still there today. My grandparents were obviously not pleased.
In 1996, my beloved father passed away and the third generation (me) began its own legacy. Although I have made many changes, one thing remains the same…no, not just the great food and low prices…we continue to be a safe haven for all Yankee fans!
The fourth generation of Handy’s, my twins, Genevieve and Nicholas are off to a good start in the business. They both love eggs and my cooking!
As you can see, Handy’s is truly a family restaurant and we look forward to serving you for another 60 years!

Bon Appetite,
Earl A. Handy

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